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As of 2024, over 90% of all steel and titanium body jewelry sold worldwide is produced in China, and even other wholesale body jewelry websites try to hide this from you. The reality is that they source their products from Chinese factories at very low costs. So, you are most likely currently selling Chinese-made body jewelry and feel ok about the quality you are selling. So now, knowing that cheap body jewelry from China can be of acceptable quality for your business, why should you overpay for it? We are located in Bangkok, Thailand, and are committed to providing a wide range of wholesale piercing jewelry in 316L steel, titanium G23, and 925 silver, with a special emphasis on offering a comprehensive range of body piercing supplies essentials at the lowest price in the market. All our body jewelry has passed strict in-house quality control and is also tested regularly by independent laboratories to ensure that the material composition and nickel release guidelines requirements are met. All items on our website are in stock, and orders will be prepared and dispatched in 24 hours. We offer you a full money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our products. Since we accept payments via PayPal, you are protected by their 180-day buyer protection.

  1. Affordable prices through effective operations management: At Piercing China, we fully understand that low prices that allow our customers to have good profit margins are essential. Accordingly, our operations are designed to offer high-quality body jewelry at the lowest possible prices.
  2. High quality body jewelry: We know that the key aspect to becoming a trusted body jewelry professional supplier is to sell only quality body jewelry we would be willing to wear ourselves. Accordingly, we are fully committed to that, and all our items pass stringent quality controls. We examine each item with extreme care during these quality controls to detect any possible defect and also conduct material tests in independent laboratories. All of this ensures that all the piercing supplies you buy from us are of high quality and made from implant-grade surgical steel or G23 titanium ASTM F-136 Titanium or, in the case of silver nose jewelry, made from genuine 925 silver alloyed with quality alloys. Also, all our items are compliant with the European nickel release directive. See our Material certifications.
  3. We are purely dedicated to wholesale body jewelry: We sell wholesale body jewelry and nothing else. Due to this specialization, we can focus on the unique needs of our wholesale customers and provide them with a wide range of professional body jewelry supplies. Other suppliers might have a wider variety of fashionable items but lack specialization in the unique sizes needed by professional piercers.
  4. Our website is designed and customized from the ground up for the best experience of buying wholesale body jewelry: Just as our customers take great care of offering the best possible piercing experience, we took great care when designing our website so that purchasing in bulk for your business will be very easy and time efficient since we understand that our customers should not spend more time than absolutely necessary to place an order on our website.
  5. With a low minimum order of just 99USD and Free Shipping worldwide starting at 299$: Since our base prices before discounts are already very low, we make affordable, high-quality body jewelry available for all professionals worldwide independently of their purchasing volume. We are in the tradition of 99 cent body jewelry and offer affordable, high-quality body jewelry for everyone.
  6. Great customer service: For us, customer service is not just a cost factor that we can outsource; instead, we consider our ability to offer superb customer service as one of our key competitive advantages and strive to have the best customer service in the industry. Our target is that each one of our customers is so impressed by our products and services that they become our new brand ambassadors.
  7. We don't limit ourselves to just steel body jewelry: We offer surgical steel, titanium G23 and sterling silver body jewelry in a wide range of products. So we are your supplier for all your needs with the lowest prices.
  8. Best option for basic 316L steel body jewelry & titanium body jewelry, and silver nose jewelry: Since we focus on supplying professional piercing studios with the best quality body jewelry for their market niche, we are your best option if you are looking for high-quality body piercing jewelry essentials at affordable prices.
  9. Solid product range: Be it wholesale sterling silver nose rings, wholesale belly button rings, nipple rings, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercings, tragus or helix piercing jewelry, or septum jewelry, we have it all. You are welcome to explore our wide variety of quality body jewelry, and should you need any assistance finding any products, feel free to contact us.
  10. Long-term commitment: The management of Piercing China wants to forge long-term relationships with all stakeholders. This means we do not focus on making a quick profit at the cost of our customers, employees, and suppliers but instead try to find a middle ground that allows all of us to grow stronger together.