WHOLESALE Titanium Nose ScrewS

Titanium Nose Screws are the gold standard when it comes to the piercing jewelry to be used for initial nose piercing since by choosing nose screws made from Titanium G23, we can avoid all the potential complications and allergy risk typically associated with surgical steel or silver nose jewelry. With our large selection of different thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 1mm and a solid selection of tops, our titanium nose screw selection is ideal for those professionals looking for a big wholesale selection of titanium nose screws.
Our products are high quality body jewelry and come in a wide variety of sizes. Also, we offer all our products at the lowest prices in the market. This, combined with our low minimum order of just 99 USD and free shipping above 299$, makes us the best option for your piercing business.
We promise you a first-class customer service experience, and we pay extreme care to ensure that all items pass very strict quality control so you can offer the best piercing experience to your customers.