WHOLESALE Surgical Steel Segment RingS

Surgical Steel Segment rings were, until very recently, a very niche product range. However, once they became available as hinged segment rings, their popularity exploded, and these days they are undoubtedly one of the most popular body jewelry types. This is easily explained by their smooth appearance, ease of use, and the fact that the entire item is one single piece which means there is no more risk of losing the closing piece or closing ball. Hinged segment rings can be used in a great variety of piercings. However, their most popular application now is as septum piercings, where we can also find a great variety of septum clickers.
Our high-quality segment rings are made from 316L surgical steel compliant with the European nickel release directive and the REACH directive for lead and cadmium content. So they are suitable for initial piercings when adequately sterilized.
Our surgical steel segment rings are available in the following standard thickness: 1.6mm, 1.2, 1mm, and 0.8mm (14g, 16g, 18g, 20g). 
We also carry a good selection of wholesale seamless rings. These jewelry are a low-cost alternative to the hinged segment rings. These annealed seamless rings are currently very popular and a good alternative for people looking for a very simple and indestructible piece of jewelry.