Customer Reviews

Overall score: 4.9 / 5
France | 02/05/2024
Mr. R.H | Online Shop

Service parfait, merci beaucoup, je suis très content avec vous. Perfect Service Thank you very much. I am very happy with you

Overall Score: 5
United Kingdom | 17/03/2024
Ms. L.D. | Jewelry Wholesaler

Your prices and quality are great, but your product selection is small. Please add dermal anchors and piercing tools to your product line up.

Overall Score: 5
Spain | 22/02/2024
Mr P.G. | Piercing Studio

Mi ultimo pedido number 211 nos llego en tan solo 4 dias, Servicio perfect y muy rapido My last order with you (211) arrived in just 4 days. Perfect service and so fast!

Overall Score: 5


Frequently asked Questions

  1. Where are you located?
    Our Business address and the location of our logistic warehouse is:

    Piercing China
    33/26 Soi Wachiratham Sathit 8, Bangna-Nuea,
    Bang Na, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260
    Phone + 66 (0) 846960006

  2. Our location on Google Maps

  3. Discounts
    • Free Shipping with DHL for Orders with a total above 299 USD = USA, Canada, Euro country zone. Japan South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
    • Free Shipping with DHL for Orders with a total above 499 USD = South America, East Europe and all other countries to which we ship.
    •  3% Discount for Orders above   1.000 USD
    •  6% Discount for Orders above   2.500 USD
    •  9% Discount for Orders above   5.000 USD
    • 12% Discount for Orders above 10.000 USD
    • 15% Discount for Orders above 15.000 USD

  4. How fast will I receive my order?
    Your order will be ready for pick up by DHL within 24 hours after you placed your order on our website. Normally all orders received before 10 am Thailand time from Monday to Saturday will be shipped out on the same day. DHL is one of the fastest and most reliable international shipping carriers, and if you live in Europe USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or South Africa, unless you live in a very remote area, DHL should deliver your order within 5 – 6 working days. This means most of our customers receive their package within seven days of placing the order on our website. If you have any questions regarding shipping times and formalities, please feel free to contact our sales team for assistance.

  5. A size or color of a product I need is out of stock how long until it will be available again?
    We strive to always have all our items available in stock in sufficient numbers to be able to serve customer order even during time on peak demand such as before Christmas. For this purpose we use a fully computerized inventory and sales prediction system which gives us very accurate predictions about when and how much we should order from our suppliers. Accordingly most likely when you see an item out of stock we have placed an order with our piercing factory already and we should be receiving it shortly within the next two week. The longest time an item could technically be out of stock is about 6 weeks from the moment it was set as unavailable in our website.

  6. Is it possible that any items I ordered are actually out of stock?
    Due to our computerized inventory control system this is impossible because we will automatically get notified when our stocks reach below our re order levels. At that time, we will then conduct a physical verification of the remaining quantity of the products and use this to update our website and also place a new order with the supplier. After that once the remaining quantity is less then what would be sufficient to satisfy 2 typical orders the item is set unavailable in our e-commerce store. Beside of this also our website keeps track of the quantity of the items we sell and accordingly it will not allow any customer to add to their cart quantities higher than what is currently in stock.

  7. Can I order below your minimum order to try your quality before placing a real order?
    If you would like to test our quality, please contact us via email and we will happy offer you a free sample pack of our items. In addition, if you can show us proof that you are a registered and legit company, we will ship these samples to you free of charge. Please note that since the nature of a sample package is to see the quality of our products the content of the sample pack will be chosen accordingly which means it will contain only 1 piece per item and you will not be able to choose sizes or colors.
    Beside our sample packs there are no exception to the minimum order of 99USD except if you would like to add items to an order which is still awaiting shipment.

  8. Can I use your pictures for my own business?
    You are welcome to request the pictures of the products you bought during the checkout process. Once your order has been shipped successfully by us, we will provide you with a link to download your pictures.
    However we will not provide pictures without watermark and in high resolution of items you did not purchase from us since this service is only intended to promote your sales of the products you purchased from us.

  9. Are your prices including VAT/ Sales Tax / GST?
    Since we are exporting all our products from Thailand, our prices are exclusive of any taxes of your country. Accordingly, when the package with your order arrives at your country you will have to be responsible to pay the pertinent taxes.

  10. I have never imported from abroad before for my business and importing seems very complicated.
    Importation of products from abroad for your business can be very easy or very difficult accordingly to the regulations and customs of your own country. If you are from the USA Euro Zone countries or Australia New Zeland it is generally speaking very easy. But it’s still impossible for us to give you a general answer. At Piercing China we have over 10 years of experience exporting body jewelry from Thailand to other countries so if you are concerned about this please send you an email and we will provide you with all the information relevant to your country. So don’t worry we will offer you all the assistance you need to be able to import body jewelry from Thailand to your country.

  11. Special made to order Items.
    We are not a piercing factory but a piercing wholesaler as such we can not produce any custom items for our customer. However, if require a special color or size this should be possible to arrange if you are willing to order at least 300 pcs. In that case, please contact your sales representative.

  12. How quickly will I receive a reply from you?
    Our own customer service quality standards dictate that all emails from customer must be replied within 24 hours. But in most cases, we will reply in less than 12 hours.

  13. I have not received any email from you and 24 hours have passed already.
    In that case if you are a new customer most likely our reply email went into you spam folder. Please check the SMS confirmation we will send to your phone after sending our first email to you.
    • If you have received the confirmation SMS this means an email has been send to the email address you provided during the sign-up process. Please verify that the email address mentioned in the SMS Is the correct one.
      • If not please send us a short email and we will then resend you our initial response email.
      • If the email address you provided was correct, please check your spam and promotion folders and you should find our email there. You may also wish to search for “piercingchina” in the search field to ensure that no mater where our email landed in your mailbox you will still be able to find it.
    • If you have not received the confirmation SMS we still have not replied your enquiry and are still working on it. We should reply you shortly. If after 48 hours you still have not received a reply that would mean we did not received your email so please contact us via phone, whats app or facebook so we can investigate what went wrong and reply your email then as a first priority.

  14. Can I contact you by Phone?
    You can reach us by phone at +66 846960006 from 09:00 to 21:00 Thailand time. If this not convenient for you due to the time difference please send us an email and inform us what timing would be the most convenient for you. After that we will try our best to call you back during the time period you specified.

  15. Why are you located in Thailand when you are called Piercing China?
    Our business model is to sell body jewelry which we buy from factories in China, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea. From a business and logistic stand point Thailand is the perfect hub for us since here we have easy and Tax-free access to all the countries of the supplier meanwhile at the same time being able to offer important import tax exemption to our customer. Also in Thailand there is a large pool of jewelry professional which was important when deciding the location for our warehouse and distribution center.We choose the name Piercing China because when people think about importing piercings most of them will think firstly about purchasing them from China. Accordingly, this is how we need our business.

  16. What are your Material Certification / Mill Certificates?
    All our products conform to the relevant standards. This means our Surgical Steel Jewelry confirms to the following.
    • Is made out of 316L Surgical steel. 
    • The items conform to the European nickel release standard 
    • Lead and Cadmium Content is below the legal limits set under the reach agreement
    • Fee free to check out our material certifications 

  17. Can I visit and buy items from your showroom?
    You are more than welcome to visit us to discuss our business relationship or pick up and order you placed through our website previously. Please allow 24 hours for such order to be prepared. However, we do not have a showroom where customer can choose the products they would like to order since we are purely focused on selling our items through our website. In addition, our warehouse is not set up to welcome customers and to prepare orders at the moment. Accordingly, it is not possible to place an order in the shop.

  18. Can I place an order using my own excel file or word document?
    The reason we can offer our products at such low prices is our very streamlined order processing process where actual time of our employees spend on processing orders is kept to the minimum. So, it is not feasible for us to work on any files provided by the customer. If however you prefer to use excel files we can provide you with an order excel file template in our own format to which you can then enter your desired quantities and email it back to us.

  19. Regarding any questions related to the order process or refunds please refers to our
    Terms and Conditions.