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Service parfait, merci beaucoup, je suis très content avec vous. Perfect Service Thank you very much. I am very happy with you

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Ms. L.D. | Jewelry Wholesaler

Your prices and quality are great, but your product selection is small. Please add dermal anchors and piercing tools to your product line up.

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Mi ultimo pedido number 211 nos llego en tan solo 4 dias, Servicio perfect y muy rapido My last order with you (211) arrived in just 4 days. Perfect service and so fast!

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Bulk Body Jewelry

Buying Bulk Body Jewelry

Many people talk about buying bulk body jewelry, which often means three completely different things. So first, let's look at what people may refer to when they say bulk body jewelry.

♦ Bulk body jewelry commonly refers to simply buying body jewelry in wholesale quantities (buying in bulk).
♦ Body jewelry bulk refers to pre-packaged bags of body jewelry. These can be made of a single item; a single item but with assorted colors, or a mix of a variety of designs.
♦ Bulk body jewelry may also refer to assorted body jewelry bags sold at closeout prices.

Suppose your understanding of bulk body jewelry is to buy wholesale body jewelry at the lowest prices. In that case, you might be interested in shops selling pre-assorted packs of body piercing jewelry since this is a great way to lower your purchasing costs. When shops sell their products in pre-assorted packs or bulks, there are commonly four main types of packs.

1) Body jewelry bulks composed of a single item

A good example would be the products on our website, where we sell all items in bags ranging between 5 to 25 pcs. This lowers our prices because assembling orders for our employees becomes much more time efficient since they do not need to count each piece of jewelry individually again. We are then able to pass these savings on to our customers. So this type of piercing bulk allows our customers to enjoy high quality body jewelry at lower prices.

2.) Body jewelry bulks composed of a single item but in assorted sizes or colors

You will often see these types of assortments on other wholesale websites. They have the same benefits as above and may look very enticing for the inexperienced customer looking for bulk body jewelry for reselling. However, the major issue with them is that they are not tailored to any specific markets, which results in many cases with the customers receiving some colors or sizes that are very difficult to sell for them. Once you factor in the cost of this dead stock to your purchasing prices, the total cost tends to rise significantly, and unless you can make use of all the colors and sizes in a specific bulk, it's best to stay away from them.

3.) Body jewelry bulks composed of different items

Many body jewelry wholesale vendors will sell bulks composed of different cheap body piercing jewelry in bulks and promote them as the best assortment for the upcoming season. Very often, these products are a one-summer hit which means that once their time is up, nobody will want them anymore, no matter at how much discount you try to sell them. These items are like buying the lottery. If you get lucky and get products everyone wants, you can sell them at substantial profit margins and sell them out very quickly. But if they are the wrong type of items, you have just thrown part of your purchasing budget for seasonal products away. So it is advisable to carefully scan any of these season items and verify if they are an upcoming trend. A good indication of this is often the online piercing sellers on eBay or Amazon. Look at the quantity sold over a weekend to understand their popularity, and if in any doubt, it's better to pass than to gamble your budget.

4.) Body jewelry bulks at closeout prices

These can be an excellent opportunity for experienced piercing and tattoo shop owners to get their hands on merchandise at ultra-low costs. However, it is essential to analyze the products carefully, compare their cost to their sales potential and see if it's worth it. As a rule of thumb, the more basic and non-fashionable an item is, the better your chances are that you are getting a good deal. This also means avoiding body piercing jewelry bulks at closeout prices containing seasonal trend items. Because as explained earlier, once the season is over, they become dead stock, and almost nobody will purchase them anymore. So here are some examples of bulks that are always good to buy:

o High polished surgical steel eyebrow bananas bulks
o 925 sterling silver nose jewelry bulks as long as their designs are basic
o High polished surgical steel labret bulk
o High polished surgical steel nose rings bulk
o High polished surgical steel nipple rings bulk as long as their designs are basic
o High polished surgical steel eyebrow piercing bulks

Anodized or highly polished surgical steel segment rings in bulk Septum piercings in bulk or wholesale belly button rings in bulk are a bit more delicate matter since there are many designs. Accordingly, the risk of getting some bad-selling items is substantially higher. Acrylic tongue piercing bulks or acrylic fake plug bulks with assorted logos should be avoided since they are entirely out of fashion these days.

Assortment of black anodized steel labrets sold in bulk

Assortment of black anodized steel labrets sold in bulk

Bulk of trendy belly rings

Bulk of trendy belly rings

Close out bulk body jewelry deal

Close out bulk body jewelry deal

Tongue piercing barbells sold in bulks

Tongue piercing barbells sold in bulks

Questions regarding bulk body jewelry?

Where to buy body jewelry in bulk?

There are two main ways to buy body jewelry in bulk. Firstly you can visit your local piercing wholesalers. However, most of these small businesses will have a selection that is typically somewhat limited, and you can expect the prices of their products to be relatively high. Also, depending on your country/state of residence, they may require you to have a reseller permit or an established company. Another local option to buy bulk piercing jewelry is to visit an Indian or Chinese jewelry importer in a larger town close to you. Many of them carry piercing jewelry supplies at reasonable prices. However, the quality will generally be deficient since they are not specialized in selling wholesale piercing jewelry and only target the budget end of the market. A better option to find quality body piercing jewelry in bulk is to look online for wholesale body piercing jewelry suppliers. A great selection of these suppliers sells bulk body piercing jewelry wholesale. As always, when buying via the internet, it would be best to start with a small trial order to ensure that the quality matches your expectations and business needs.

Where to buy bulk body jewelry supplies?

The best approach to finding where to buy high quality body jewelry supplies is to conduct in-depth research about the different bulk body jewelry suppliers which cater to the market niche you are focusing on. Because there is a wide range of qualities and prices for body jewelry wholesale distributors, you must also consider the additional cost associated when buying via the internet, such as shipping and handling fees, import taxes, and duties. For most piercing professionals, the internet is the preferred method to find new piercing jewelry suppliers.

How to buy bulk body jewelry cheaply?

This quick answer to buying bulk body jewelry cheaply is to buy it directly from piercing factories in substantial quantities. However, this option is not easily accessible for small businesses like your average tattoo piercing studios due to the high minimum order these factories require. So accordingly, the question should be where to buy bulk body piercing jewelry at low prices combined with a low minimum order. The best choice for this are online wholesale websites and especially if those are situated in a low-wage country such as Thailand. Because doing the quality control of body piercing jewelry and assembling wholesale jewelry orders are very labor intensive. Wholesale piercing websites located in such countries are able to offer you quality body piercing jewelry at low prices.

Is it safe to buy bulk body jewelry online?   

Buying bulk body jewelry online is safe if you follow some fundamental guidelines. Avoiding any supplier that markets their products as nickel-free or stainless steel jewelry would be best. This is because high-quality body jewelry is made out of 316L steel. 316L steel chemical composition requires it to have between 10% - 13% of nickel. Accordingly, anyone saying they are selling nickel-free piercings is unprofessional. Professionals will instead state that their products comply with the European nickel release directive. You can read here how to identify good suppliers from China. What is written in this article will also apply to suppliers from anywhere else

What type of jewelry do tattoo and piercing shops use?

The type of piercing jewelry used by your local tattoo and piercing shops will depend on the market niche they are targeting. The reality is that currently, 90% of the body jewelry sold worldwide is produced in China. That means unless your local piercing shop is a very high-end piercing shop with prices for piercing jewelry starting from 10$, it is more than likely that they are purchasing Chinese-made body jewelry. Piercing jewelry from China, by default, doesn't have to be of low quality. The range of piercing factories in China is enormous, and they produce all types of qualities. One thing to note is that if a piercing shop offers free jewelry to be placed into the piercing you are doing with them, you can be sure that they will try to purchase those items at the lowest possible cost to maximize their profits. So it is preferable to choose a piercing studio allowing you to bring your own jewelry or charge you separately for the piercing. Suppose you are looking for piercing shops selling body jewelry of the highest quality. In that case, you should ask them to show you their purchasing invoices and double check with the piercing distributors or manufacturers that they supply your chosen piercing studios regularly. The sad fact is that there are a lot of black sheep in our industry who will tell their customers they are selling piercings of the highest quality when all except a few pieces come from one of the online wholesalers which resell products they purchase from china.

Why is Piercing China your best source for bulk body jewelry?

In Piercing China, we specialize in selling cheap wholesale body jewelry, and all items are sold in prepacked bags, also called body jewelry bulks. Combined with German-style management and quality controls, we can offer the lowest prices in the market. In addition, our low minimum order of just 99 USD can almost be considered a no minimum order. Combined with the free shipping from as low as 299 USD, we become the perfect supplier for bulk body jewelry. So order bulk body jewelry online now on our website.

Surgical steel eyebrow bananas, Thickness 1.2mm, Ball size 3mm

Just 0.09$! per piece

PVD plated annealed 316L steel seamless rings, thickness 0.8mm

Just 0.22$! per piece

Titanium G23 helix barbells, Thickness 1.2mm, Ball size 3mm

Just 0.69$! per piece

Surgical steel internally threaded labrets, Thickness 1.2mm, Ball size 3mm

Just 0.44$! per piece