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Your prices and quality are great, but your product selection is small. Please add dermal anchors and piercing tools to your product line up.

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Our Wholesale Hinged Segment Rings

At Piercing China, we offer a great range of hinged segment rings at unbeatable wholesale prices. If you're looking for a supplier of basic best-selling designs, we're the perfect partner for piercing professionals because we have a wide variety of colors and sizes. When you need your hinged segment rings, Piercing China has you covered. All products on our website are in stock. Orders are shipped out within 24 hours of receiving them. That means we are between 1 and 3 days faster than other distributors. And since we ship with DHL, you can expect to receive your orders in just 4–5 working days. Check out some of our best-selling hinged segment rings below.

Best selling hinged segment rings of 2024

Surgical steel hinged segment ring with outward facing prong set CZs, Thickness 1.2mm

Starting from 2.99$ 

Wholesale Pack of 10 surgical steel hinged segment rings, Thickness 1.2mm

0.99$ / pcs

316L steel hinged septum segment rings with forward facing prong set CZs, Thickness 1.2mm

Starting from 2.99$ 

316L steel hinged segment rings in a twisted wire design, Thickness 1.2mm

1.19$ / pcs

Titanium G23 hinged segment ring, Thickness 1mm

1.79$ / pcs

Titanium G23 hinged segment ring with outward facing prong set CZs, Thickness 1.2mm

Starting from 3.29$

PVD plated Titanium G23 hinged segment ring, Thickness 1.2mm

1.89$ / pcs

Titanium G23 hinged ball closure ring with 3mm ball, Thickness 1.2mm

1.99$ / pcs

PVD plated surgical steel hinged segment ring, Thickness 1.2mm

1.19$ / pcs 

PVD plated surgical steel hinged segment ring, Thickness 1mm

1.19$ / pcs 

PVD plated surgical steel hinged segment ring, Thickness 0.8mm

1.44$ / pcs

PVD plated 316L steel hinged ball closure ring with 3mm ball, Thickness 1.2mm

1.39$ / pcs 

How to identify quality hinged segment rings

Hinged segment rings are among the best-selling body jewelry product ranges. But for any reputable piercing studio, it's also critical to ensure that the quality of the products they sell is up to the highest standards. Accordingly, here are guidelines on how to identify high-quality hinged segment rings.

    1. The ring's general surface finish is already a good indicator of its quality; if you notice a dull surface, scratches, or imperfections with your naked eye, you are dealing with low-quality body jewelry, which should be avoided.
    2. Perform a Nickel swab test on 316L steel products to ensure they comply with the nickel release requirements.
    3. Notice that since 316L steel contains between 10% and 13% Nickel, any company selling 316L body jewelry with labels or descriptions such as nickel-free or 0% Nickel should instantly raise a red flag for you because they intentionally lie to and mislead their customers.
    4. For Products claiming to be titanium, there are 2 easy tests you can perform. Titanium G23 ASTM F136 Titanium / Ti-6Al4V-ELI. It has a specific gravity of 4.43 g/cm3 316L. Surgical steel, on the other hand, has a specific gravity of 7.94 g/cm3. This means that if you compare the same item in steel and titanium, the titanium one should be 44% lighter. The other test you can perform is with a small Dremel tool or angle grinder. When cutting titanium, the sparks should be bright white; when cutting 316L steel, the sparks should be orange. Note that with these tests, you can only confirm that the items are titanium but not if they are made of the correct grade of titanium for body jewelry, which should be ASTM F136.
    5. Evaluate the roundness of the hinged segment ring. Your best choice is to use a surgical steel or titanium taper one size larger than the ring. Place the ring over the taper and look for gaps around the circumference. Any clearly visible gaps indicate that the ring is not perfectly round.
    6. Evaluate the ring's hinge. In high-quality rings, the pin and weld marks at the joint holding the small and large pieces together are almost invisible.
    7. Touch the ring's opening and feel for sharp edges that could injure a consumer. Cheap body jewelry frequently has sharp burs and unfinished edges.
    8. Move the opening part very gently to the left and to the right to see how much lateral play there is in the hinge. The movement should be minimal in good-quality hinged segment rings produced on expensive CNC machines with very tight tolerances.
    9. Check the force needed to open and close the ring and compare it to other rings of the same batch. If the forces required are very different from each other, this indicates a lack of consistency during production, and you can expect to receive a significant amount of defects when ordering from that supplier, even though some pieces might have decent quality.
    10. Open and close the same ring around 50 times. If, after that, the closure mechanism has become loose and doesn't hold firmly closed anymore, it's a clear indication that this is a low-quality hinged segment ring.

Examples of low quality hinged segment rings

Connection pin is clearly visible

Large gaps at the hinge

Surface is not mirror polished

Types of hinged segment rings

A huge variety of designs and material combinations are available for hinged segment rings. The list below provides the most essential types of hinged segment rings and their main applications and benefits.

Surgical Steel hinged segment rings

Surgical steel segment rings are the most affordable type of hinged segment rings. However, this doesn't mean they have to have boring designs or be low-quality. 316L steel segment rings are a good choice for any professional looking to sell cheap hinged segment rings. The main advantage of 316L steel hinged segment rings is their lower price compared to other materials such as Titanium, Gold, and Silver. Also, when looking for bulk-hinged segment rings, there is a greater variety in modern design when it comes to steel. This is because 316L steel is easier to machine than titanium and silver and is significantly cheaper than gold. So, in conclusion, surgical steel clicker rings are the best choice for piercing jewelry resellers targeting customers with budget constraints.
See our selection of Wholesale Surgical Steel Hinged Segment Rings

Titanium hinged segment rings

Titanium hinged segment rings are the gold standard for high-quality clicker rings. This is because Titanium ASTM F136, also called Titanium Ti-6Al4V-ELI, is the most biocompatible material for body jewelry in general. With good care, titanium-hinged segment clickers will last for a lifetime. Titanium-hinged segment clickers are the best choice for customers who can afford the slightly higher prices when compared to surgical steel body jewelry.
See our selection of Wholesale Titanium Hinged Segment Rings

Septum Clicker rings

Septum clicker rings are by far the most popular septum jewelry, and there is an excellent variety of designs to choose from. Most of them are either completely round, the same as a standard clicker ring, or they can come in the shape of a D ring. Segment clicker rings are the ideal body jewelry type to be worn in the septum because even without a mirror at hand, they are effortless to remove or put back. Septum clicker rings are available in a wide choice of materials, but the consensus among body jewelry professionals is that Titanium and Surgical steel are the best choices. Brass and Silver Septum rings, on the other hand, are not recommended since these materials are not as bio-compatible and, therefore, can lead to complications. Gold hinged segment septum rings are also potentially an excellent choice; however, they are very expensive with the current high gold prices. Gold PVD-plated Steel or Titanium will offer a similar appearance for a fraction of the price while being as biocompatible as gold. Something that must be considered for septum clicker rings is that the outer edge rim of the segment ring in the part that goes through the septum can not have any large decorations on it since they may interfere with the nose of the customers. Accordingly, when choosing the latest design of septum clicker rings for a piercing studio, it's essential for more elaborate designs to either get a drawing with sizes or, even better, order a few pieces as a sample order first. Septum Clickers are often available as 16g or 14g hinged segment rings, but other sizes, such as large gauge hinged segments, are also available.

Nose segment rings

Nose Hinged Segment rings are an alternative to the traditional silver or gold-plated silver nose rings. Their main advantage is that their appearance is an entirely seamless nose ring without any visible openings or sharp edges. Gold anodized titanium nose rings are visually almost indistinguishable from gold-plated silver or real gold nose rings but are superior to both in every aspect. Titanium body jewelry is made from ASTM F-1136. Titanium, also called implant-grade titanium, is currently the standard for implants in the medical field. Accordingly, it's also the best choice for any piercing jewelry. 18k or 14k gold hinged segment ring, meanwhile being as biocompatible as titanium, are, simply put, very expensive and are definitely a luxury product not over-piercing aficionado is willing or able to afford. Plain high-polished surgical steel hinged segment nose rings, on the other hand, are a perfect replacement for traditional silver nose rings because of their superior surface shine. Since surgical steel body jewelry does not tarnish like silver jewelry, it is easy to care for and also very fashionable.

Where to buy wholesale hinged segment rings

If you need to buy hinged segment rings in bulk for your piercing studio or company, there are several options for you to choose from. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and which one you should choose will depend mainly on your specific business type, the intervals in which you place your wholesale orders, and the quantities you usually order. It's important to note at this point that below is just a very rough overview of this subject, and it's crucial for you to carefully research this option and calculate the final purchase cost from each potential supplier of hinged segment rings to get the best deal.

Where to buy hinged segment rings in USA

If you want to source your hinged segment rings from the US, there might be two different reasons for you. If your primary motivation is to get high-quality US-made body jewelry, then you have no choice, and you should head over to well-known brand names such as Industrial Strength and Anatometal. Their quality will be excellent, and you can be sure to receive fabulous jewelry, but on the other side, you will have to accept their very high prices, leaving you with thin profit margins. US-made body jewelry at low prices doesn't exist, and any supplier or wholesaler that doesn't belong to the group of established body jewelry manufacturers is probably lying to their customers and selling body jewelry produced in China. There is nothing wrong with body jewelry produced in China, but it's unethical to try to sell them to your customers as US Body jewelry. If, however, the reason you want to buy from the US is that you are a US customer and you think that your order quantities are not sufficient to order from abroad and the final purchase cost when ordering from abroad would make it unprofitable, It's highly recommended that you carefully calculate all the options. One thing you will encounter with all US-based body jewelry importers of Chinese-made body jewelry is that they do not conduct in-house quality control on their own due to the high salary cost in the US. This means that you end up receiving Chinese-made body jewelry without quality control but with the high markups charged by the importers. This combination makes buying from US body jewelry suppliers, which source the items from China, the worst possible choice, in our opinion. If you are looking for wholesale Segment Rings in Europe, there are even fewer body jewelry producers located here than in the US, so your best choice is to buy it from Thailand or China unless your order quantities are minimal

Buying Hinged Segment Rings From Thailand

Thailand is a hub for jewelry production, including body jewelry; however, not all Wholesale Piercing jewelry companies in Thailand are factories. Only 3 companies in Thailand produce body jewelry made from steel or titanium in their own premises. So, unless you can see the factory pictures on their website, you can assume that they source their body jewelry from China and then resell it through their website. Due to the low salary cost in Thailand, these wholesale body jewelry distributors from Thailand are able to conduct their own quality control. As for the quality you can buy from these Thai Segment Rings Wholesale Suppliers, there is a vast variation from really cheap mall quality body jewelry to body jewelry comparable to that produced by US suppliers. Buying body jewelry from Thailand is undoubtedly the best choice for the average customer, but it's essential to carefully research the best option in terms of quality and price. From all body jewelry suppliers in Thailand, Piercing Chian stands out as the best source of High quality but Cheap Wholesale Segment Rings.

How to buy hinged segment rings from China

Buying hinged segment rings from China is a good option if you are a large company and have your own quality control team. Even though there are hundreds of suppliers on websites like Alibaba, only a select few will be able to reliably provide good quality products for every single order you place with them. Finding these few good suppliers will require a significant investment in both time and money, so it's only a good option if you plan to buy hinged segment rings in bulk quantities.