WHOLESALE Surgical Steel BananaS

Surgical Steel Bananas are one of the more standard body jewelry types and are also called curved barbells. Due to their curved shape, they are ideally suited for application as eyebrow piercing or belly button piercings where neither a straight barbell nor a ring would give any satisfactory result. Also, since they are threaded on both ends, the jewelry piece can be removed via either side of the body perforation.
Sometimes you will also come across the terms “eyebrow bananas or micro curved barbells.” Micro bananas refer to the fact that the post has a thickness of only 1.2mm or 16g, and at the beginning of modern body jewelry, the standard post thickness for all items was 1.6mm or 14g; hence jewelry with a post diameter one size smaller was referred to as micro curved balls or micro bananas.
Our high-quality surgical steel bananas are made from 316L surgical steel, compliant with the European nickel release directive and the REACH directive for lead and cadmium content. So they are suitable for initial piercings when adequately sterilized.
Our surgical steel bananas are available in the following standard thickness: 1.6mm, 1.2, 1mm, and 0.8mm (14g, 16g, 18g, 20g).