Silver Nose Rings and Nose Hoops are one of the 4 main types of silver nose jewelry. At Piercing China, we stock a wide variety of both basic and fashionable nose rings and are continuously developing new designs to provide our clients with a wide product range that will increase their sales.
All our silver nose jewelry nose rings and hoops are hand made in Thailand from genuine 925 Silver alloyed by mixing pure silver grains with Pandora alloys to obtain 925 Sterling Silver, which is guaranteed free of nickel or any other potentially harmful metals.
To ensure that our customers receive their wholesale silver nose rings in perfect condition, all our rings are immediately sealed in vacuum packages at the end of the production. This method of anti-tarnish prevention is the most affordable and safest for the end consumer since there are no chemicals like lacquers such as e-coating applied to the silver nose rings, which can lead to allergic reactions in some people. Also, all wholesale silver nose rings and hoops packages are labeled with a batch number, which allows full traceability of the items back to the silver grain that was used to produce them.
With our low minimum order of just 99 USD for wholesale orders and free shipping for orders above 299 USD, you simply can’t do anything wrong by placing a sample order for silver nose rings with us.