Buy Body Jewelry from China

A guide to finding the best piercing suppliers and avoid pitfalls

If you have a tattoo and piercing studio or a body jewelry retail shop, finding quality suppliers with affordable prices and product quality which matches your requirements is key to being successful with your business. In this article, we will try to provide you with the necessary tools to archive this meanwhile avoiding the many potential pitfalls. One of the best places to find quality body jewelry suppliers is China. Chinese manufacturers have a wide variety of products at competitive prices. Shopping online is the easiest and most efficient start to find potential suppliers for your business. Many Chinese suppliers besides being available in B2b websites like Alibaba also have their own websites. When shopping for body jewelry wholesale from China, it is important to do your research. Equally important is to understand the different types of suppliers available in China.

Types of Body Jewelry Suppliers in China

There are many different company types from which you can buy your piercing supplies. There are many differences between the different types and it's important for you to understand them. This way you can choose the supplier which best matches the unique needs of your business

Body Jewelry Factories

In China, there are thousands of factories. Many of them do not have a big online presence and their sales representatives might also have a limited level of English. When buying directly from a body jewelry factory in China, you can expect very attractive prices but on the other hand, the minimum order quantities might be well above your purchasing abilities. MOQs of 1000 pcs per style for belly rings are common from real factories. Combined with long periods of production, this can make them unsuitable for some smaller businesses. Another benefit of working with factories is that quality tends to be relatively stable and reliable. So the finished product you receive should always be of a consistent quality.

china body jewelry factory stock

Large stock of products at chinese body jewelry factory

China body jewelry factory polishing

Large rotary polishing machines at a chinese actory

China body jewelry factory polishing

CNC Cutting machines at a Chinese Body jewely Factory

Trading Companies

One of the problems you will encounter when trying to purchase from China is the fact that many suppliers who try to appear as a body jewelry factory are actually only trading companies. This means they do not hold any stock or have their own production capabilities but instead buy from different suppliers and then resell these items to their customers. For a newbie in buying from China, they probably present the greatest danger since even they may have some unique pieces of beatiful jewelry, they are unable to provide you with consistent product quality and prices. Some trading companies will even sell you products which are not made out of surgical steel but 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel is not safe for use in body piercing jewelry and should not be used inside the human body . The ideal application is for external jewelry such as rings or necklaces.

Alibaba, DH Gate, Aliexpress and other chinese B2B websites

Specially when you are new to buying piercing supplies from China, buying through one of these B2B platforms is a good start because you can be assured that the supplier will not run away with your money or send you some products with very low quality. Some of the suppliers on Alibaba offer high quality body jewelry. However your problem will be to find these good ones between the thousand of mediocre choices.

Buy Wholesale Body Jewelry on Alibaba

Buy wholesale body jewelry on Alibaba

Buy Wholesale Body Jewelry on Aliexpress

Buy wholesale body jewelry on Aliexpress

Buy Wholesale Body Jewelry on DH Gate

Buy wholesale body jewelry on DHgate

General Jewelry Wholesalers

There are several companies in China which sell jewelry in addition to body jewelry. Since these companies are not specialized in the field of body piercing jewelry, they do not tend to carry basic items but instead only focus on the most fashionable items. In addition to that, they lack the necessary product knowledge and this can result to them buying from low quality suppliers which do not use the correct metals such as Titanium G23 or 316L Surgical steel

How to Identify Good Suppliers in China

  1. Check their reviews and their entire online presence. This means checking at least the first 100 results in Google when you search for their name. Specifically, try to search like this, "Supplier Name" + review or "Supplier Name" + scam
  2. Check the text of their home page and product description for obvious errors. Any body jewelry supplier which uses the following sentences should be blacklisted by you.
  3. "Stainless steel" - In Body jewelry nobody who is a professional would describe their product like this
  4. "Nickel Free Piercings" - The chemical composition of 316L steel is very clear. In order to be called 316L steel, it must contain between 10% - 13% of nickel. And the nickel law does not say that a metal used in body jewelry are not allowed to contain nickel but instead specifies the amount of nickel per cm2 which can be released. So any company which makes a statement that their piercing / body jewelry is made from 316L steel and nickel free is either lying to you or do know know what their products are made of.
  5. Look out for AI-generated content which is obviously wrong. Statements such as "this nice lip piercing is made from high-quality stainless steel and will not rust and is extremely fashionable" are a clear indication that this company is not taking product description seriously, and accordingly, you can not trust that what you will receive from them matches their product descriptions.
  6. Look out for body jewelry that is sized wrongly; Nipple jewelry which is described as available in sizes until 30mm should make you suspicious.
  7. Try to look for the owner and location of any wholesale body jewelry company or website. If the owner tries to remain hidden and you can not find the company on Google Maps, this should be an alarm sign, specially if they advertised themselves as a body jewelry factory.
  • Finally you should always Pay through Alibaba with trade assurance or via PayPal. This way you are protected from the worst types of scam such as when the supplier does not ship your order at all or the quality is very different from what you ordered.

How to Ship Body Jewelry from China to Your Country

There are different ways you can ship your orders from china to your country below you have a quick overview for each of them

Drop Shipping

If you are a drop shipper looking for suitable suppliers in order to get your merchandise, there are several logistics companies specialized in warehousing for drop shippers in China. You should look at their reviews carefully before making a decision. Since their service quality will directly affect your customer satisfaction.

Shipping by Air Courier such as DHL FedEx or UPS

Most of the time your supplier will be able to assist you with this. This is the best option for high value shipments which are not to heavy or in the case you have completely run out of some items and need to replenish your stock quickly. It is however the most expensive option and will add significantly to the the total cost of the goods.

Ship body jewelry with DHL

Shipping by Sea

It is important to know however that specially if you order large quantities, it can be cheaper for you to directly contact a logistics company to take care of the shipment for you. Once the total weight of your order exceeds 150kg, sea shipment can become a viable option. The benefit of this is that the shipping cost per piece will be almost non existent. The disadvantage however is the long shipping time. There are many logistcs companies offering these service for you and you can find them easily via alibaba. When choosing such company you should however check their review and how long they have been in business to ensure that you find a reliable partner and minimize the risk of delays or other problems.

Sea Shipping Body Jewelry

Customs and Import Process

The difficulty of the customs and importation process of body Jewelry into your country will depend greatly on the country you live in. It is suggested that you inform yourself carefully before you even place the order regarding the potential cost so that you can do a very detailed analysis of the cost per piece of the product you are planning to buy and see if once you factor in all the related cost, you can still have a healthy margin for your business.

Our Final Thoughts About Buying Body Jewelry From china

Buying body jewelry from China is complicated and there are many potential pitfalls for anyone who is new to this. However there is a very simple solution for this problem and this is to buy from Piercing China. We offer you the same price you can expect to get as a small to medium customer from the best piercing factories in China meanwhile guruanteeing you that all our products have passed a very strict German style quality control. Combining this with the fact that we also have silver nose rings and other silver nose jewelry as well as organic items from Indonesia which are not available from Chinese suppliers, we offer your the complete product range for your shop. We also offer expert customer service and a webstore made specifically for purchasing body jewelry wholesale as easy as possible. We believe that our package is the best possible solution for anyone looking to buy wholesale body jewelry from China.

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