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Buy Body Jewelry In Bangkok

Bangkok is a well-known production hub for high quality jewelry. If you are looking to buy silver jewelry or body jewelry in Bangkok and have never before been to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, this might be a daunting task. In this article, we will try our best to provide you with all the necessary information so that you will be able to make your Thailand jewelry buying trip a success.

Gold Jewelry in Bangkok

To better understand the peculiarities of the jewelry market in Bangkok, it's best to get a general idea first about how everything started. Bangkok is a relatively new city and was only established as such in 1782. The core of the old town is the area of Rattanakosin, better known to foreigners as the area between the Grand Palace and Khao San Road. Bangkok served as the central trading hub for the Kingdom of Siam, which was the name of Thailand during that time. Due to this, a lot of foreign merchants settled in this city. Then during the late 19th century, King Chulalongkorn brought in many Chinese migrants to help with infrastructure work. The hard-working Chinese immigrants would save their money, later became traders and merchants, and settled around Yaowarat road, which today has become the heart of Bangkok Chinatown. Yaowarat Road quickly became the center of the Thai gold trading community. This trade has survived until today, and when walking along Yaowarat Road, nestled in between all other shops, there are plenty of Asian style gold jewelers who sell both bars and ornaments made of 23k Thai gold. In the small back alleys of Chinatown, many traditional goldsmiths still exist. These cater exclusively to the Thai markets and their unique needs.

Traditional gold jewelry shop on Bangkoks Yaowarat road

Traditional gold jewelry shop on Bangkoks Yaowarat road

Silver Jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok and Thailand as a whole served as one of the most important strategic bases for the US involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Due to this, foreign investment from the US government and military was substantially flowing into Thailand. This, combined with the cash US soldiers injected into the Thai economy during the R&R stays, lead to a period of extraordinary growth in the country's economy. In addition, it resulted in many of the Thai employees in leading positions in contact with the Americans obtaining a basic level of understanding of English. However, the positive effect of the Vietnam War turned into the opposite rather quickly since Thailand started to have its own problems with a communist insurgency in the remote areas supported by Vietnam and China. This insurgency culminated in the October 1976 Massacre at Thammasat University by the Thai Army. Also, the withdrawal of the US from the Vietnam conflict meant a significant loss in foreign funds inflow and led to a crash in the Thai economy. This period of instability ended roughly in 1980. During that time, Thailand was actively looking for a way to grow its economy. Besides the apparent focus on tourism, many savvy businessmen realized that Bangkok and the surrounding area were ideal for manufacturing sterling silver jewelry due to the infrastructure already in place since gold and silver jewelry use almost the same production methods, such as silver stamping or wax mold making. There was also a good potential workforce comprised of a sizable number of English-speaking employees who before had worked for or with the Americans, as well as an almost unlimited amount of very cheap labor from the large number of farm employees who migrated to Bangkok at that time to escape poverty. From the early eighties until the Asian financial crisis of 1997 was the boom time for the foundation and growth of many Thai silver jewelry factories. At that time, the main products of the silver jewelry factories were fine silver jewelry, 925 silver rings and sterling silver ear studs, and silver earrings. Also, during this time, many independent artisan silver jewelry manufacturers sprung up, specializing in niche products. During the early nineties, when body jewelry was slowly becoming a mainstream trend, some silver jewelry companies in Bangkok took this opportunity. They began producing sterling silver nose jewelry, such as sterling silver nose rings and silver nose studs.

Silver Jewelry Shops on Tanao Road in Khao San area

Silver Jewelry Shops on Tanao Road in Khao San area

Body Jewelry Factories in Bangkok, Thailand

Body Jewelry Factories in Bangkok, Thailand When body jewelry manufacturing companies looked for low-cost production destinations outside the US and Europe, they initially targeted South Korea. However, it quickly became apparent to them that South Korea, even though it was perfect in terms of employees quality and skills, was not sustainable in the long run due to the high wages. China at that time was very protective and was considered a challenging production location. On the other hand, Thailand was very inviting since there was already an established gold and silver jewelry industry in the country, and it was considered a jewelry production hub. Also, labor costs were significantly cheaper than in South Korea. Combined with the fact that it was possible to find jewelry management employees with basic English skills, this was a perfect combination, which is why many body jewelry factories decided to settle in Thailand. Today Thailand jewelry products are at an all-time high, and Thailand is behind China as one of the leading manufacturing locations for 316L surgical steel body jewelry. Korea is currently in third place and only produces high quality jewelry.

Body Jewelry Wholesalers in Bangkok, Thailand

In the early 2000s, with the rise of the internet and the body jewelry boom, Bangkok was the obvious choice for companies that wanted to establish themselves as body jewelry wholesalers. Located in Thailand would allow them easy access to stainless steel jewelry and body jewelry from China, sterling silver nose jewelry from Thailand, and organic body jewelry from Bali. Also, by this time, Thailand was already established as a wholesale jewelry hub, and many potential customers would fly to Thailand to look for new suppliers. Most of the trading companies also wanted to hide from their customers that they were reselling to them body jewelry imported from China.

Where to Buy Wholesale Body Jewelry in Bangkok

The center of the Thai body jewelry industry used to be Tanao Road which is on one end of Khao San Road. But since these days, more and more B2B body jewelry purchases are made online, the number of customers physically visiting the stores on Tanao Road has been declining steadily over the last ten years. Also, since the area is one of the key tourist areas in Bangkok, rents here are relatively expensive. Accordingly, many of the body jewelry wholesalers have been forced to leave this area and are now located in other areas of Bangkok where the rental costs are cheaper. There are still some silver jewelry companies in this area as well as an organic jewelry wholesale shop, but the number of remaining companies is decreasing every year. This is, however, still the best location if you are looking for wholesale silver nose rings. Another hub for silver jewelry is Charoenkrung Road, which is close to Chinatown. There are also some body piercing jewelry suppliers in this area. At the end of Charoen Krung Road on Silom Road, you will also find the jewelry trade center. This is a must-stop location when you are looking for fine jewelry, but you will not find body jewelry here. Sampeng Market is another location where you will find very cheap stainless steel jewelry and the cheapest body jewelry in Thailand. However, quality will be nonexistent here. In the Pratunam area, you might also find some shops selling fashion jewelry, but none of the major Thai body jewelry exporters have a showroom in this location. Your best bet when buying wholesale body jewelry in Bangkok would be to research your potential suppliers before your arrival via the internet. If you are looking for high quality body jewelry, a good start is the website of the different suppliers in Bangkok. Also, by analyzing the website of the body jewelry wholesaler, you can explore their product ranges carefully while still being in your country without wasting your precious time in Thailand. After that, you can visit them at their factory or showroom location to check out their new designs and new products or discuss wholesale conditions for your body jewelry order. The best way to visit your suppliers in Bangkok is by using a taxi. To ensure you don't get lost, it's best to ask the sales staff to send you their site written down in Thai so that you can print that email and show it to the taxi driver. If you want to buy your body jewelry supplies at the most competitive prices, you should carefully compare not only the cost of the piercing jewelry after discounts but also the related cost such as shipping. Some suppliers might be willing to offer you free shipping if your order amount is high enough to qualify for this. Most of the body piercing suppliers in Bangkok can prepare wholesale orders relatively quickly. Still, you should not expect them to have your order ready within 24 hours, especially if your order contains a wide range of products.

Your recommended body jewelry supplier in Bangkok is Piercing China!

Of course, if you are looking for the best choice for a wholesale body jewelry supplier with the most competitive prices and the best quality, you should explore our website or visit us in person at our showroom in Bangkok. Here we can then show you our latest designs and innovation and also give you a demonstration of our quality control systems as well as modern order processing. In addition, we offer you an extensive product range comprising of 925 sterling silver jewelry nose jewelry, such as nose rings and nose studs, as well as surgical steel body piercing jewelry, such as eyebrow bananas, labrets, circular barbells, hinged segment rings, ball closure rings belly rings, and body jewelry parts. We are also introducing a new lineup of organic jewelry with some attractive ear plugs. For orders above 15,000 Baht, we also offer free shipping to all countries in Asia, Central Europe, the USA, and Canada, which are our main export markets for body jewelry products.

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