Our 316L steel body jewelry product lineup comprises all the essential items a professional piercer will need.
Here you will find a wide variety of piercing supplies you need, such as labrets for lip piercings, straight barbells for tongue piercings or nipple rings, and curved barbells for eyebrow piercings which are also called eyebrow bananas. We also carry a selection of wholesale belly button rings in various designs, circular barbells, also called horseshoes, hinged segment rings, and steel nose rings.
All of our products are high quality body jewelry and come in a wide variety of sizes. Also, we offer all products at the lowest prices in the market. And this, combined with our low minimum order of just 99 USD and free shipping for orders above 299 USD, makes us the best option for your business.
We promise you a first-class customer service experience, and we pay extreme care to ensure that all items pass rigorous quality control so you can offer the best piercing experience to your customer.
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